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Our Story

In 2017, Bali Au Pair came from the idea of Mel, an Indonesian national who loves to travel so much and who has been an Au Pair in three different countries ; Sweden, Denmark, and Australia. To her, becoming an Au Pair was really fun as allows her to explore the world easily and affordably while enjoying working with kids and learn a local family's culture. Moreover, living abroad and experiencing different culture and custom could totally change someone's perspective towards difference, tolerance, and open-minded-ness. She thinks that it will be a very good impact if only many more people could be more open and respectful towards differences, especially in Indonesia.


Then she came with the idea of promoting the Au Pair Program for Indonesian youngsters so that they can also get the same unforgettable experience and get the opportunity to explore Europe easily and affordably.

Eventually, Bali Au Pair was officially created back when she was based in the Indonesia's Island of God a.k.a Bali. 

At the moment all Bali Au Pair staffs work remotely in Denmark and Indonesia, and all the process will be done online. So, Au Pairs and Host Family can surely register for our Au Pair Program without having to be in Bali! :)

With our personal Au Pair experience for couple of years, we understands what most of Host Families and Au Pairs expectation are, what sort of problems may arise, and how to cope with certain situation so that both the Au Pair and Host Family can work together comfortably.


Though the vision is to encourage Indonesian youngsters to do an Au Pair Program, NOT everyone is suitable to be an Au Pair, hence why there is a strict selection process on our Au Pair application. Au Pair guidance and support are also very crucial for first-timer Au Pair, and here we are, guide all of our Au Pairs before and during the Au Pair stay.


"Different from any other agencies, Bali Au Pair carefully screen and personally interview our Au Pairs through web-cam before we accept their Au Pair applications.

We are here to help both Au Pairs and families to meet their expectation and to get their best experience of Au Pair Program by providing Au Pairs guidance including Au Pair working etiquette, briefing before departure, and support during the Au Pair year for both families and Au Pairs."

-Mel, Founder

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