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Hosting an Au Pair in Sweden

Requirements for Host Families in Sweden

  • At least one of the parents has to be a Swedish citizen

  • ​Able to provide an individual bedroom for the Au Pair

  • Able to provide a Swedish language course that fits the Au Pair's schedule

  • You need your Au Pair help in providing care for your children and your Au Pair will be treated as an equal member of the family for the duration of the au pair stay 

Documents for Indonesian Au Pairs to complete for visa application before entering Sweden:

  • Au Pair's passport valid during the entire stay

  • Enrolment Certificate of Swedish language course provided by Host Family

  • Au Pair contract between the Host Family and the Au Pair, specifying details of duties, working hours, pocket money, holiday entitlements, etc.

After the Au Pair entering Sweden

Shortly after arriving in Sweden, your Au Pair should register with the Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency) which will be able to provide more information on the exact amount of tax an Au Pair pays. Note: Despite paying tax, your Au Pair will still receive a monthly pocket money to the value of SEK 3,500 gross.

Length of stay 
Au Pairs in Sweden can stay for a maximum period of 12 months.

Duties and working hours
Your Au Pair takes care of your children and helps with light household chores. The number of hours your Au Pair spends with his or her work and the language course should not exceed a total of 40 hours per week. The number of hours dedicated to light housework amounts to a maximum of 25 hours per week. You should discuss with your Au Pair well before their scheduled date of arrival how a typical day in your family is organised and what the Au Pair's duties will be. This should then be set out with them in your written Au Pair contract.
Au pairs should not be expected to work more than 5 hours a day and their duties should be arranged so that it is possible to attend a language course. 

Board and lodging
For the whole duration of the au pair stay, the Au Pair is given a room of their own and shares meals with the family. In the event of illness, the Au Pair continues to be entitled to free board and lodging.

Pocket money
Au Pairs in Sweden receive monthly pocket money totalling SEK 3,500 gross. Taxes will be raised on both their pocket money and their board and lodging.

Free time & Holidays
Sweden has no specific regulations concerning the amount of holiday or free time an Au Pair is entitled to, thus we recommend that you and your Au Pair come to an agreement on these matters well in advance of the Au Pair stay.
We would advise that the Au Pair receives:
- one full day off per week (which should be on a Sunday at least once a month)
- a two-week holiday when the total stay with the Host Family is for six months (more holiday time if staying longer and less if staying for a shorter period of time)

Swedish language course
All Au Pairs take part in a Swedish language course, which should fit around their working schedule. Course time plus au pair duties should not exceed 40 hours per week. Indonesian Au Pairs applying for a work permit, a certificate of enrolment in a Swedish language course has to be enclosed with their work permit application.

Au Pair Contract
You should discuss your mutual expectations together with your future Au Pair. The agreements that you make should be put in writing. As there is no official Au Pair contract in Sweden, we advise our Indonesian Au Pairs and Host Families to use the European Contract to help them draft a contract of their own. Remember to include all your mutual expectations in this contract, including the Au Pair's duties, working hours, free time, holidays etc. 

If you and your Au Pair really don't get along with one another, the Au Pair Contract can be terminated with a notice period of 2 weeks. In serious circumstances it can also be terminated without notice.    

Health and Accident Insurance
We advise Host Families in Sweden to provide our Indonesian Au Pairs health insurance as people with Au Pair permit coming to Sweden are not entitled for the Swedish Insurance provided by the government. 

Car driving and driving licence
Clarify with your Au Pair whether it will be necessary to drive and also if the Au Pair feels comfortable driving. Indonesian Au Pairs can apply for the International Driving License in Indonesia and it is valid for driving in most of the countries including Sweden.
​In Indonesia, the driving lane is on the left side and it would be a great idea if your Au Pair get the chance to practice for couple of days in Sweden before they drive in the main road. Also discuss with your Au Pair what will happen in the event of an accident? Who pays for the damage? It is recommended to put this agreement in writing.

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