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5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids When You Have No Time

We understand when you need to get the project done by next week, or preparing your material for the conference in 2 weeks, or even when you just generally have too much things to do with your job, balancing your time with working and spending time with kids could be a little challenge sometime.

But, here are the 5 best tips from us you want to use to spend a quality time with your kids. Remember, your presence as a parent plays an important role for your kids' development!

1. One-to-one time

Spending time with your kid alone is best when you are doing something you both enjoy. It may be the time when the Mum spend time with the older one and Dad is with the little one. This could mean playing frisbee at the park, bike around the lake or simply watch Frozen at the cinema. Most kids would say that once a month is the minimum frequency of this one-to-one time.

2. Let the kids participate in your task

We all know that kids like to help and be involved in many things. From baking cakes to even clean up the kitchen!

Are you cooking for the dinner tonight? Let them help you with the preparation. Are you gardening today? Let them contribute by picking up the weed. It might be a little messy or even take a longer time at first, but you will see that the kids will become your greatest helpers and they will look back and remember that “before dinner” was always special time with you.

3. Read them a story book before bed

Though the reason that you send your kids to school/daycare from 7am to 5pm is your busy work, we surely understand that spending at least an hour or two with your kids everyday would be important for your kids development. Also, a 30-minutes time of reading story book to the kids before bed wouldn't take your much time, instead, it can actually make your kids feel loved and close to you.

4. Let them be around you

When you still need to do some work on your laptop after work, or on the weekend, let your kids play with their own toys by sitting near / next to you. Though you both will do your own things, your presence will still make them feel close to you.

5. Host an Au Pair

Hosting an Au Pair is the best solution for a very busy family, An Au Pair would support your family with providing childcare for your kids when you are at work. But at the same time, they can also help you with light household chores. This way, you can use your limited spare time to spend with the kids rather than using it to do the light household routines. Want to host a reliable and qualified Au Pair with no matching and registration fee?


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