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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Today, hosting an Au Pair from outside EU has interest many Host Families in Scandinavia. Different culture, language, and custom adds a little “uniqueness” and makes their family daily life more interesting.

Au Pairs who come from the other side of the globe are often more likely to have had to put proper thought into what they’d like their Au Pair year to look like. They are also less liable to see the relationship as a casual commitment with a few hours of work here and there.

Balinese Girls making "Tipat", wrapped rice cake

Au Pairs coming from outside of the EU are often be much more open to designing a relationship that works for both parties, as long as you pay fairly, and the job list is made clear at the start. Besides, as they have also put so much effort and commitment to come to your country to learn about the language and culture, they are more likely to stay with your family until the agreed contract (1-2 years).

However, although hosting an Au Pair from outside EU can take you a little longer time to prepare, we suggest you to start looking from around 3-4 months in prior as both of you need to prepare some documents to apply and to wait for the Au Pair Visa. Never ever look for one last minute!!

With Bali Au Pair, we help you finding the right Au Pair for your family. Not ONLY they have passed our qualification, they are well-informed and trained before they come to your family so that they will less likely find a cultural shock and understand about what Scandinavian families expect.

- as always, we don’t charge any fee to Host Families at all! ;)



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