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Why should you trust a "stranger" to take care of you kids?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

By : Bali Au Pair Team

Today, many working parents are being held back from amazing things and hobbies they could be doing because of lack of reliable childcare or simply lack of free time. Many people think about their parents, siblings or even friends when they need someone to look after their kids. But guess what, you can actually easily and safely hosting an Au Pair. This option is great especially when you do not need to pay any Au Pair Agency fee for a reliable Au Pair. Many Scandinavian Families are already doing it, but then again, why should you trust someone you haven't met before? 

Because your friends used to be strangers. - Think about your friends. That time, you had to introduce yourself, asked about their interest, spent time together, and from there you built the trust in them. Trust is built over time of course. Remember the first time you lent them your car, letting them staying over at yours? It ended well and great right? All of those time could have ended badly but they didn't. And when you think about your kids, you want to do the best way to keep them safe and happy. And yes, you will need to trust a "Stranger" who could turn out to be the best carer for your child ever!

Because you cannot always be there - Though you want to be by your children side for every special moment in their lives, your jobs and the other commitments can not be neglected either. Even for a stay-at-home parent, you might miss some of those special moments as you have to look after yourself or when you need to drive your older one to the dentist. Hosting that "Stranger" in your family can help you to manage your time easily as she or he has already expected to be pretty flexible with your timing. Of course as long as it does not exceed their max. working hours per week.

Because your family are not always available - Many parents often ask the Grandma and Grandpa to look after the kids as they trust them more which also helps reduce costs. Some parents who live far from their families often need to give up their career to stay home and take care of the kids.  Though relying on the Grandma, Grandpa, even the Aunties and Uncles can be very helpful, you will eventually feel that you have asked too many times and would not want to bother them again. Hosting a trustworthy Au Pair surely is a wise choice when you feel that a free time to do your hobbies and activities is good for your mental health in the long run.

Because the stranger is trained - Imagining to host an Au Pair for your family could sometimes be a little bit worrying or even scary. I am definitely not advising Families to just let anyone looking after your precious ones. And you want to know who you are paying to babysit and look after your kids with a clear background and references. Currently, there is still no childcare, criminal, and medical qualifications required by the government to be an Au Pair in Scandinavia, but knowing that they at least have a basic Au Pair training and police-record-checking, as well as their medical record, would make you feel more comfortable to let them staying with you and to look after your kids.

Because the school teachers are also strangers - Many parents do not have chance to meet their children' teachers before they start school. Though there are couple hours meetings between parents and teachers in prior, it is just not enough to truly know who and how they will influence your children' life for the next couple of years.

Because you can always set your own privacy limit  - Whether you live in a mansion or a small flat, there will be things that are very private and valuable to you, which you will not want a stranger to see, or steal, in the worst case scenario. The thing about hosting an Au Pair is that you are leaving the person in your home with your children while you go out. If you have small children, or children who might be sleeping when you go out, your property is practically at the mercy of the stranger while you are out. This is part of the reason why you would not want to let a real stranger babysit. Hosting an Au Pair from a reliable agency means that the Au Pair has been screened and had their identity verified. They also have the reputation of their agency to consider before doing anything to or in your home. As comforting as that is, you might also like the fact that you can lock away your personal things and valuables before going out, so that the Au Pair can care for your children without bumping into anything awkward or expensive, intentionally or not!



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