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Sweden • Denmark • Germany


Safely, easily, hassle-free!

Why Bali Au Pair?

โœ” Qualified and Verified Au Pair and  Host Families
โœ” Your data and information are kept safely
โœ” Affordable for Au Pairs - payment by instalment
โœ” Au Pair training before departure
โœ” Agency support - through the whole year


Au Pair in Stockholm - Sweden

"Becoming an Au Pair is a FUN way to travel the world!"


Au Pair in Stockholm - Sweden

"I experience new culture, foods, met new friends, and the nature makes me feel happy to live in Sweden!"


Au Pair in Værløse - Denmark

"To me, becoming an Au Pair is one of the most memorable experiences in my life!"


Au Pair in Jönköping - Sweden

"Exploring new places and meeting people from different background opens my mind that diversity is inevitable!"

How We Work

Different from any other agencies, Bali Au Pair carefully screen and personally interview our Au Pair and Host Families.


Passionately working with our previous personal experiences as Au Pairs in Scandinavia, 

we understand concerns and challenges that a first-timer Au Pair might encounter.


Therefore, we are here NOT only to connect Indonesian Au Pairs with Host Families, but also to guide and train our Au Pairs to get them well-prepared for the Au Pair Program.


Surely, it benefits both Au Pairs and Host Families!


Au Pair in Den Haag - Netherlands

"I really love working with you guys, you found me a really good family. I have a really good experience here in The Netherlands. Success always for Bali Au Pair!"


Au Pair in Umeå - Sweden

"Living overseas in another country, makes me a strong person and never gives up, being an independent woman is a must!"

News & Updates

October 2021 - Updated Program Fee

Change in Au Pair Program Fee for Bali Au Pair applicants

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Danish Families May Spend Extra On Hosting Au Pair

It will be more than three times as expensive to have an Au Pair in the home to help with childcare and household chores. Read More

Sweden Cultural Event - Valborg

What exactly is Swedish Valborg, and where are the best places to celebrate it? Read More

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