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Host een Au Pair

Hosting an Au Pair in The Netherlands

Requirements for Host Families in The Netherlands

  • Host family should consist of minimum two family members

  • Host family should have enough financial income to support another “family member”

  • An Au Pair can also stay with a couple with no kids​

  • The family also has to pay for food and drinks for the Au Pair

  • Host family need to provide the Au Pair with a bike and mobile phone (prepaid). The first phone card (50 euro) should be paid by the family, any card after that is to be paid by the au pair herself. This way you can always reach the au pair when needed

  • Able to provide a Dutch language course that fits the Au Pair's schedule

  • You need your Au Pair help in providing care for your children and your Au Pair will be treated as an equal member of the family for the duration of the Au Pair stay 

Housing requirements

  • Able to provide an individual bedroom for the Au Pair with minimum space 9 m², heater / heating system window that can be opened, a bed, a table, a chair, a computer with internet, a TV or radio.

  • Able to provide the Au Pair an own bathroom, but in practice she can also share the second bathroom with the children. .

Length of stay 
Au Pairs in Netherlands can stay for a maximum period of 12 months.

Duties and working hours
Your Au Pair takes care of your children and helps with light household chores. The number of hours your Au Pair spends with his or her work should not exceed 8 hours per day and a total of 30 hours per week. 
​Au Pair should have at least 2 days off per week.

Pocket money
Au Pairs in The Netherlands receive monthly pocket money between 300-340 Euro.

Dutch Language Course

All Au Pairs take part in a Dutch language course, which should fit around their working schedule. 

Au Pair Contract
You should discuss your mutual expectations together with your future Au Pair. The agreements that you make should be put in writing on the contract form provided by our IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) approved - partner Agency.

Health and Accident Insurance
Host Family is responsible for getting the Au Pair insurance during her period of Au Pair stay.

Car driving and driving licence
Clarify with your Au Pair whether it will be necessary to drive and also if the Au Pair feels comfortable driving. Indonesian Au Pairs can apply for the International Driving License in Indonesia and it is valid for driving in most of the countries including The Netherlands. In Indonesia, the driving lane is on the left side and it would be a great idea if your Au Pair get the chance to practice for couple of days in The Netherlands before they drive in the main road. Also discuss with your Au Pair what will happen in the event of an accident? Who pays for the damage? It is recommended to put this agreement in writing.

Bali Au Pair work together with a few of Au Pair Agencies approved by IND, and according to the Dutch immigration regulation, all families in The Netherlands need to be registered by these IND-approved Au Pair Agencies to host an Au Pair. 


As soon as you matched with one of our Au Pairs, we will transfer you to one of our IND-approved partner agencies in The Netherlands to help your family with paper works and detailed information and rules regarding hosting an Au Pair. They and you are responsible for requesting the correct visa forms (MVV/VVR) for the Au Pair and for registering the Au Pairs at the correct places. The family has to pay the costs of arranging these things to the IND-approved Au Pair Agency.

Please Note :

With Bali Au Pair, your family ONLY need to pay the IND-approved Au Pair Agency for their arrangement, paperworks and visa service, and you DO NOT need to pay any more matching fee to the IND-approved Au Pair Agency since you have chosen your Au Pair match from Bali Au Pair (€300).

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